Discover the Ultimate Team Building Days in Liverpool

Published on June 19, 2024

Discover the Ultimate Team Building Days in Liverpool

Liverpool, a vibrant city brimming with rich history, culture, and innovation, is the perfect setting for your next team-building adventure. Whether you’re looking to strengthen bonds, boost morale, or ignite creativity, Liverpool offers an array of exciting activities designed to bring your team closer together. Here’s your guide to some of the best team-building experiences in Liverpool.

Why Choose Liverpool for Team Building?

Liverpool is not just known for its iconic landmarks and musical legacy; it’s also a hub for diverse and engaging team-building activities. From its stunning waterfront to its historic buildings, Liverpool provides a unique backdrop for team adventures. The city’s friendly vibe and accessible transport links make it an ideal location for companies across the UK.

Gravity Max Team Building

Gravity Max 

For a thrilling experience, take your team to Gravity Max. This indoor adventure park offers activities like trampolining, climbing walls, and ninja courses. It’s a high-energy way to encourage teamwork, trust, and mutual support as team members cheer each other on through challenging obstacles. The excitement and fun will leave everyone feeling energized and connected.

Corporate packages at Gravity Max Liverpool start from only £25.99pp (+VAT). Additional gaming, food and drink options are available, as well as meeting space.  

Alcotraz Team Building


Alcotraz is not your typical bar. Inspired by the infamous Alcatraz prison, Alcotraz offers a unique and immersive drinking experience that combines elements of theatre, mixology, and an interactive storyline.

Upon arrival, “inmates” are given orange jumpsuits to wear, instantly setting the stage for the experience. Visitors are greeted by actors playing prison guards and wardens who guide them through the show. The immersive storyline begins with guests smuggling in their favorite booze past the watchful eyes of the guards.  

The heart of Alcotraz lies in its bespoke cocktails. Once inside, inmates’ hand over their smuggled booze to the bartenders, who then craft personalised cocktails tailored to their preferences.  

For corporate events and team-building activities, Alcotraz offers a setting that breaks away from the conventional, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking among team members. The immersive environment challenges participants to work together to smuggle in booze and navigate interactions with the prison guards, fostering teamwork and enhancing problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging manner. 

Exclusive hire is available for groups of up to 60 guests starting at £40pp, for smaller teams’ packages start at £36.50.   

PINS Team Building

PINS Social Club 

PINS Social Club is the perfect venue for holding meetings, with meeting spaces available for 8 to 150 delegates. This venue has practical meeting spaces as well as social and team building elements. 

The second floor has multiple private spaces for group sizes of 30 up to 300, including Rocco’s Games Room where you will find a bar plus American pool, English pool, shuffleboard and a private Karaoke booth. PINS Social Club also has a ping-pong room and a number of bowling lanes.

Packages start from just £8pp.   

Gin Distillery Team Building

Liverpool Gin Distillery 

The Liverpool Gin Distillery is a distillery, bar & kitchen and gin lab. They produce their very own Liverpool Organic Gin on-site in a custom-built 60 litre copper still.

Their gin tasting session gives your team the chance to experience a four flight gin tasting and includes a tour of the distillery. This experience is £38.50pp. 

The gin lab experience gives participants the chance to distill their own bottle of gin, choosing from a wide range of botanicals. Your team members will also be able to personalise their gin even further with their own label. This experience is £70pp.  

The distillery also offers private room hire for corporate events, which can be tailored to your specific needs. This includes access to the basement lounge, ground floor gin bar, and first-floor gin labs. 

Packages start from just £38.50pp.  

The Beatles Story Experience

Immerse your team in the world of The Beatles at this award-winning attraction. Located at the Albert Dock, The Beatles Story offers interactive exhibits and immersive experiences that take you on a journey through the lives, times, and music of the Fab Four. This is a great way to inspire creativity and teamwork as you explore Liverpool’s musical heritage.  

Packages start from just £20pp.  

Escape Room Live

Put your team’s problem-solving skills to the test at Escape Room Live Liverpool. With a variety of themed escape rooms, this experience demands teamwork, quick thinking, and effective communication. Teams must work together to solve puzzles and escape within a set time, fostering a sense of unity and accomplishment.

Packages start from just £20pp.  

Bike & Bus Tours

Explore the city’s rich history and culture with a guided Liverpool City Tour. Whether you choose a walking tour, bus tour, or even a Beatles-themed tour, this activity offers a fun and educational way to bond with your team. Discover hidden gems, historical landmarks, and fascinating stories as you travel through Liverpool’s vibrant streets together.

Cycle Tours start from £25pp.

Bus Tours start from £12pp.

Benefits of Team Building in Liverpool

Enhanced Communication:
Team-building activities promote open communication and understanding among team members. When participants are placed in fun and challenging scenarios, they must rely on one another, breaking down barriers and building stronger interpersonal connections.

Boosted Morale and Motivation:
Stepping out of the office environment and into an exciting new setting can rejuvenate your team’s spirit. Engaging in enjoyable activities together can increase motivation and job satisfaction, leading to a more positive and productive workplace.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills:
Many team-building exercises require quick thinking and innovative problem-solving. These experiences can enhance your team’s ability to tackle challenges and develop creative solutions, skills that are transferable to the workplace.

Strengthened Team Cohesion:
Shared experiences, especially those outside of the usual work context, can significantly strengthen team bonds. Whether it’s celebrating a victory in an escape room or cheering each other on while climbing, these moments of support and encouragement foster a strong sense of unity.

Liverpool is a fantastic destination for team-building activities, offering a mix of historical, cultural, and adventurous experiences that cater to various interests and skill levels. By choosing Liverpool for your next team-building day, you can create unforgettable memories, enhance team cohesion, and make a more motivated and collaborative workplace.

Choosing the right venue

Choosing the right venue can transform your corporate event into a memorable and impactful experience. So why wait? Plan your next team-building event in Liverpool and watch your team grow stronger, more cohesive, and more engaged.

Ready to plan your team-building day in Liverpool? Start exploring these exciting options and watch your team thrive.

For more insights and tips on team building and corporate events, stay tuned to our blog. Don’t forget to share your Liverpool team-building experiences in the comments below!

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