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13 Kingly Street, Carnaby, London, W1B 5PW
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From £6500 Per Half Day


Ticket Hall. Once a bustling station for busy commuters, Kingly Court Ticket Hall now contains comfy chairs and ornate lampshades that have been dragged in by the Scoundrels to spruce up the place, making it perfect for seated or standing parties. The Ticket Hall pays tribute to what previously lay there, with a giant station clock, telephone booths, old split-flap timetables and fading train maps peeling off the wall. Featuring a large outdoor seating area just outside on Kingly Street, we have it all at the Ticket Hall!
Signal Station. Hidden beneath the Ticket Hall sits the Signal Station – an out-of-bounds private space in the station’s epicentre. Enter Soho’s new worst-kept secret to find an industrial maze of switches, dials and flashing lights in the depths of the underground. Perfect for small subterranean shindigs or late-night raucous parties, descend the ‘out-of-bounds’ staircase and enjoy bootlegged hooch amongst switchboards, spinning cogs, voltage gauges and danger-marked levers.
Underground. At Cahoots, we’re known for our discretion! The Captain is therefore very adept at throwing illicit private parties. Venture down the ‘apples and pears’ and host your very own knees-up down underground, inside an abandoned tube station complete with a dramatic platform bar and vintage 1940s tube carriage.


Capacity: 1 - 320

Key Amenities

  • AC
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Sound System

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From £2000/Per Half Day

The Signal Station

From £6500/Per Half Day

Full Venue Hire

From £4500/Per Half Day

Ticket Hall & Signal Station


From £43/Per Head

Private Dining

From £43/Per Head

whole venue

From £1/Per Hour

Balance Bar