Popular Team Building Activities in Manchester for Unforgettable Corporate Events

Published on June 23, 2024

Are you looking to supercharge your corporate events in Manchester?

Manchester is a city full of unique and innovative experiences that are perfect for accelerating team dynamics, unleashing creativity, escaping the ordinary, and striking a balance. From immersive VR experiences to interactive bar shows, Manchester offers a range of options to cater to every team’s needs. Let’s explore some of the most exciting team building experiences in Manchester.

Escape the ordinary at Alcotraz 

Alcotraz is not your typical bar. Inspired by the infamous Alcatraz prison, Alcotraz offers a unique and immersive drinking experience that combines elements of theatre, mixology, and an interactive storyline.   

Upon arrival, “inmates” are given orange jumpsuits to wear, instantly setting the stage for the experience. Visitors are greeted by actors playing prison guards and wardens who guide them through the show. The immersive storyline begins with guests smuggling in their favorite booze past the watchful eyes of the guards. 

The heart of Alcotraz lies in its bespoke cocktails. Once inside, inmates’ hand over their smuggled booze to the bartenders, who then craft personalised cocktails tailored to their preferences.    

For corporate events and team-building activities, Alcotraz offers a setting that breaks away from the conventional, encouraging creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking among team members. The immersive environment challenges participants to work together to smuggle in booze and navigate interactions with the prison guards, fostering teamwork and enhancing problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging manner. 

Exclusive hire is available for groups of up to 80 guests starting at £40pp, for smaller teams’ packages start at £36.50.  

Elevate your team collaboration at DNA VR 

DNA VR allows you to transform your corporate events and team building with their dynamic VR experiences. The venue hosts over 50 immersive experiences including VR laser tag and escape rooms. Perfect for fostering collaboration, DNA VR sets a new standard in team building.  

The VR Arcade offers a diverse range of over 50 VR games and experiences. Teams can switch between surviving a zombie apocalypse, dancing to the beat, and defending a castle from armies of trolls with bows and arrows.  

The VR Escape Room challenges teams to solve all puzzles within an hour to find their way out of the stickiest scenarios. Will your team dismantle a nuclear warhead, escape from prison or save Christmas with your team.  

The most immersive package on offer is the Premium Free-Roaming, offering unparalleled immersion within being restricted by wires or boundaries.  

DNA VR offers curated packages from £31pp.  

Hit your team-building goals at Sixes Cricket  

Sixes Cricket is a high-adrenaline immersive experience that will have even the most reserved members of the group swinging for the boundaries whilst the team cheers from the sidelines.  

Powered by cutting edge sports technology, with challenge levels from complete beginner to world class, contenders select their level then step into the batting nets and test their batting skills against some of the World’s greatest bowlers.  

The lively games, mouthwatering bites, and full-service bars set the stage for a corporate bash that goes beyond the boardroom. From team-building triumph to office-wide celebrations, Sixes tailor-made packages guarantee a rollicking good time.  

Sixes Cricket is ideal for groups of 4-400 guests, packages start from only £19pp.   

Master Team Tactics at Challenge Point  

Challenge Point is a crazy interactive gameshow, where teams of 2-6 battle it out in a series of insane mini games. Each team competes in 7 crazy mini games, each lasting 5-8 minutes with the aim of winning as many points as possible! 

Each game is truly unique and will test the teams’ skills to the max, read on to find out about a couple of the games you will play: 

Laser Maze – a pitch-black room awaits; press the red button and you progress to the next level. Break a red laser and you start again. Green lasers? Now that would be telling.  

Tokyo Tank – take control of remote-controlled battle tanks, in a futuristic Japanese city where you will need a combination of skill, coordination and teamwork to succeed. 

Packages start from only £15pp.

Put the art in your team building party with Paint Away Events 

Whether your team think they are the next Picasso or are just looking to try something new, Paint Away Events is the perfect workshop, perfect release from day-to-day life.  

A team building paint party lasts around 2 hours, this does not include setting up or packing down time. The team arrive at your office or venue of choice.  

The great thing about these events is that no artistic skill is required, all the teachers are super friendly and guide each participant through every step to create a masterpiece! 

It’s a fun workshop that allows people to be creative and do something different in a relaxed, positive environment.  

Prices start from only £29.99pp with bespoke options also available.  

Scale new heights as a team with Rock Up 

Rock Up Manchester is the perfect venue for an action-packed team building day. With meeting space, food packages and competitive games, it’s an unforgettable experience that combines fun, challenges, and teamwork.

Boasting over 25 uniquely designed climbing walls, this state-of-the-art centre caters to climbers of all abilities. The Rock Up Manchester centre also has an exhilarating rope course, providing a different flavour of adventure and a fantastic opportunity to build balance, agility, and confidence.

With over 70 challenges there is plenty to do to keep your teams busy with no need for previous experience, novices and experts are welcome!

Prices start from only £28.50pp.

Shake your team up with a cocktail masterclass at Revolution De Cuba  

Cuba is globally renowned as home to some of history’s most iconic cocktails. For years they kept their secrets closely guarded and passed down from generation to generation, until now.  

Revolution De Cuba’s cocktail masterclass is a great way to bring your team together, this interactive cocktail making classes gives your team the chance to learn the tricks of the trade and how to shake, muddle and stir their favorite rum inspired cocktails.  

All groups are welcomed by their very own host with a welcome drink, from here they will hear about the history of the cocktails and experience demonstrations from their host. They will master the art of making a mojito and enjoy some cocktail making, finishing with an authentic cuban toast.  

Prices start from only £25pp with food add-ons available.  

Boom Battle Bar 

Boom Battle Bar is the UK’s first and only Battle Bar, it’s a fantastic venue for competitive gaming that your team won’t want to miss out on. Action-packed with games like Axe Throwing, Shuffleboard, Augmented Reality Darts, Beer Pong and BOOM BOX Private Karaoke this venue is guaranteed to liven up your team.  

Boom Battle Bar offers corporate packages from £62.50pp 

Choosing the right venue can transform your corporate event into a memorable and impactful experience. So why wait? Plan your next team-building event in Liverpool and watch your team grow stronger, more cohesive, and more engaged. 

For more information on these venues or to make a booking, get in touch.

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